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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Winking at Palin

Winking. Winking! Winking!!! What’s with all the comments about Sarah Palin’s winking? Jesus, with all the Left wing media dissecting her life, like a frog in freshman biology, you would think they could come up with something better than winking. Now you know why Obama is running through millions like we run through pocket change.

In fact, after Obama’s Army of investigators invaded Alaska with their Gold plated credit cards and after her interviews with Katie and Charlie, with all the follow-up character assassinations, all they could come up with was some grainy footage of a beauty contest she entered to earn a scholarship and that she doesn’t do well with “gottcha” questions. I couldn’t have been less surprised if she had walked up to the debate podium wearing a NASCAR tee shirt, with a beer in one hand, puffing on a Marlboro, apologizing for being late because she had to stop for a tattoo.

And what about Biden? You know, the man of the people, who has had to make some serious decisions while sitting at the kitchen table (or in his case at a 20 ft. dining table complete with candelabras). You know, decisions like whether or not he is going to complete his hair transplants or just let the back forty go fallow; whether to go two or three weeks between the botox injections on his forehead, that is so taught that it puts him into the running for a spot on Mt. Rushmore or just how many candlepower he wants his teeth whitener to be, looks like he settled on about 200,000.

Yet all we hear from the Left on Biden is his vast senatorial experience--even though he is all over the map with his voting; his 35 years in the Senate, but not a peep about his two failed presidential bids and that he commutes from Delaware to D.C. every day by train (because he is too cheap to rent an apartment or fly). Also, he commutes at taxpayer expense, to remind himself that he is not one of the “little” people for a couple of hours a day.

Well, there you have it. Looks like we are down to choosing between a chain smoking, beer swilling, bear skinning, trailer tramp and an east coast, elitist and entrenched political hack, who spends way too much time and money on his makeovers and kissing Obama’s A**.

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