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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sandblasting After the Prez

Has anyone but me noticed that our current occupant in the Half White Out House is not just losing support, but he can’t seem to gain any supporters, while losing what he has. I mean in the six months since he was elected, Obama has made an art of disappointing his followers. Has he gained support anywhere? I don’t think so. Lost some? Oh yeah.

Personally, I want to go take a shower every time I see this clown at a podium. No, make that a high pressure washer or sand blaster to get the slim off. The steady drip, drip, drip of disappointment to supporters, sycophants and MSNBC anchors is palpable. But nothing says, “I love you” like trying to make sense of the nonsense coming out of the Half White Outhouse. But I digress.

From Guantanamo Bay, to the War in Iraq, to the War in Afghanistan, to the release of “torture” photos, to the profound lack of transparency within his transparent administration, to his carte blanch support of late term abortions, to continuation of military commissions, to AIG bonuses, to warrantless wiretaps, to a major political faux pas (s) with the King of Saudi Arabia, the Queen of England and in the hinterlands when he referred to the “57” states of the U.S.. The man is a walking, talking Dr. Erwin Cory.

Folks, what we have here is a front row seat to the unwinding of America and all her values. And if you got a whiff of the dwindling foundation under the Half White POTUS, get ready for the biggest bottle of Dime Store perfume you have ever smelled. The curtain is again being pulled aside from that man behind it, to reveal he is just pulling the levers and turning the wheels that makes everyone shiver with angst. Don’t worry, Speaker Pelosi isn’t anywhere near those missing Courage, a Heart or a Brain. She is busy back at the beauty parlor getting her Botox rebooted and sucking up all the aforementioned qualities she so sorely lacks.

Get used to it people. You can’t stop stupid. And in the case of Pelosi and company, you can’t even slow it down.

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