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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Arnie

Dear Arnold,

Unlike the hero, Lone Starr, in Spaceballs, you do not possess the “Swartz”. That is the mysterious, but unbridled power to right all wrongs, cure all ills, rescue all damsels and save all civilizations from doom. No Arnold, you may be a Schwarzenegger (translation is the dark plowman), but you definitely have no Swartz.

Let me tell you how you got into this mess, then you might get hint as to how you can get out.

A. You have allowed the Environmental Movement to run many of our successful companies out of the State. They have done this by locking up most of the natural resources (ie: timber, mining and agriculture) to protect any non-descript and most times non-native species from extinction here. What’s left has been relegated into near oblivion with draconian regulation.

B. To adjust for the loss of tax revenues as a result of “A”, you have raised taxes on almost everything else to compensate.

C. And in a final coupe de gras, you have allowed the public employee unions to dictate pay and benefit packages to the extent that they have plans, not just well advanced of the private sector, but unsustainable by the private sector, because investment losses experienced by PERS must be made up by the rest of us taxpayers. A really sweet deal if anybody is dumb enough to fall for it. And apparently they did.

D. So now you have maxed out your outgo, maxed out your income(ie raised taxes on everything and more) and you are still in the dumper. What is a Schwarzenegger to do. Oh yeah, I know. Instead of correcting the mistakes of the past, you go out and get a Proposition to bamboozle those that are already paying for your mistakes to pay some more. Into infinity, and beyond.

What next? Maybe do an end run around Prop. 13? Hmm. Hey Arnie, here’s a flash for you. Gray Davis is starting to look good. So when you are next gazing through those rose colored glasses over the tip of your Cohiba, you just might consider that you are starring in the biggest disaster film of all time.

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