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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politically Correct Left

Just when did The Right have to be so “schtupping” politically correct, when the Left spends most of their time smearing the Right with cold, mean, vicious, vile, cruel, attacks more appropriate for foreign terrorists, child molesters or serial killers. Apparently no attack is too low to stifle a chuckle from the Left, the far Left and the Swam out past the buoys, ding-a-ling, frothing at the mouth Left. Of course making themselves all busy foul-mouthing the Right keeps them from actually looking at what’s going on behind the curtains at the Half White Outhouse.

Never mind that the Displeaser-in-Chief hasn’t made one car payment, bought one tank of gas, saved one private sector job, made one rent payment nor put one shaky corporation on sound financial footing, despite shoving about $3trillion in new taxes up America’s butt. But polls say he’s doing great. COMPARED TO WHAT!!!!!

By this logic, we need to release Jeffery Skilling, dig up Ken Lay and round up the old Arthur Anderson shysters and toss them the keys to the old Enron building with our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. The losses they generated wouldn’t make a down payment on the fraud we are about to experience.

About the only thing the Poser-in-Chief has accomplished is to, all but, guarantee that American unions--only 18% of American workers--will be guaranteed job security at the expense of the rest of us for the next few decades. Whether it be building cars, bridges, a power grid or free housing for the poor-and-trodden-down pipples, workers will be pounding, cutting, pouring and painting to Reggae music, when they’re not taking a “pot” break to plan how to milk this gig a few more years. Hey, not to worry, the private sector will be picking up the tab, no matter how big the tab is.

And the $4 trillion dollar gorilla in the room will be Obama’s version of Hillary’s Universal Health Care. Of course you will correct me with the proposed $1.5 trillion over 10 years, but I can wait to win this bet. Government has never even come close to guessing what any plan will cost, especially one that gets the leaders re-elected.

Go ahead, make my day.

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