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Friday, May 01, 2009

Mr. Obvious

Hello Mr. Obvious

You just have to love the Appeaser-in-Chief. He is busy releasing classified CIA documents on the Fraternity Hazing rituals at GITMO, but won’t release his college transcripts. He is all busy being Mr. Transparency-in-Chief, but won’t allow the release of his wife’s college thesis.

Yes Folks, Mr. Openness won’t release who crippled his campaign website to allow illegal contributions from people living in the U.S. with names that have no vowels, people living overseas that have a vested interest in Obama being President and anyone else that wanted to circumvent campaign finance laws, to get illegal donations funneled into ACORN, the Far Left campaign organizations and Major Media Markets.

In fact, the abuse of words like “transparency, openness, and accountability” has made them virtually useless, inasmuch as their repetition in selective conversations, have NO relationship to this administration as a whole. From Blagojevich, to campaign fraud, to cabinet picks, to voter fraud, to bailout mania, all are rife with concealment, cover-up and smokescreens. Cover-up is about as relevant as “at the end of the day” when it comes to political rhetoric. IT MEANS NOTHING PEOPLE. GET OVER IT.

The fun part is, that while Obama keeps on talking, talking and talking, he is revealing, revealing and more revealing. For example: Obama plans to cripple the American economy with excessive regulation, pro-union policies, taxes and environmental controls, while he supports countries--many of whom do not like us--with foreign aid and trade, when these countries do not respect civil rights, human rights, ANY environmental controls or working conditions. Nothing quite like leveling that playing field.

He was all about getting GITMO shut down and prosecuting those responsible for harsh interrogation techniques, but can’t seem to find a stateside prison--or home country--that wants these dirt bags. Yes, boys and girls it just keeps getting better and better. The deeper the hole, the faster we dig. Soon, we will be getting taxed on the sunlight shipped to us in our underground bunkers. But hey, as they say, WE WON.

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