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Friday, May 08, 2009

Obama's Chinks in the Armor

What? Do I detect some chinks in the Armor, some cracks in the dam, some wrinkles in the plan? From States rights, to civil rights, to the rule of law, the Community Organizer-in-Chief is finally finding the resistance he has worked so hard for, and so richly deserves. You see folks, this is what happens when you’ve swallowed the bait, hook line and sinker before your boat is even in the water.

Not everyone bought into Obama’s movie trailer. Thinkers knew that “Hope and Change” was just a flashy poster in front of the theatre that had little, of anything, to do with the pending movie. It was the subtext of his grandiose scheme that spelled doom to his overall plans: A new energy grid, healthcare for everyone, college educations, were just some of the pie-in-the- sky promises from Barrack. And the kicker, tax breaks for 95% of America. Damn, he almost had me there.

Do the math people. Ten trillion in additional spending and NO new taxes. Well er, uh, maybe no new federal INCOME TAXES. Of course, every other tax in the nation will go ballistic, but not that shiny income tax over there, behind the curtain.

Who’s kidding who here. I mean there’s a ton of money tucked away on the sidelines, quietly nestled in offshore accounts or in a power crouch in investment accounts just waiting to pounce on the first golden opportunity.
But who in their right mind is going to risk a shekel when they could be facing a government takeover, Presidential intervention or a Congressional slight-of-hand trick that could turn an investment into a steaming dog turd?

No folks, what we have here is the laces coming out of Obama’s basketball shoes. You see, he spent his misspent youth “taking” from Government and “giving” to the less fortunate--of course taking a little taste for himself and his bosses along the way--while building a following. But after years of scamming the taxpayers of Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois and the U.S. Government, He now is “The Government”. And the folks he is scamming now are the taxpayers, not a bunch of candy ass bureaucrats. And that isn’t going over very well with either the wealthy Right or Left, who have discovered that Obama’s quest for a Socialist Society, takes no prisoners.

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