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Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Puff of Smoke

I’ve often alleged that The Poser-in-Chief is nothing more than a puff of smoke. Well, that may be a little inaccurate. He is a narcissistic, self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, socialist with a Fonzi complex and a big toothy grin. So, if the Lawn Jockey-in-Chief ever gets hit with a bolt of lightning, all you will find will be a set of smiley teeth exhaling that last drag off his Marlboro.

You see, there is nothing else there. Or as they say, “There is no there, there“. This guy is just playing President, not being one. And what his “base” is slowly learning is that there appears to be nothing he is really good at, but grandiose schemes, empty platitudes and mass disappointment.

For instance, he has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the economy, but it still deteriorates. About the only good economic news is that the deterioration is slowing. Well, in case you didn’t know it, the last sand through the hour glass is slower too.

The auto industry: We now own GM and have given away Chrysler, by paying Fiat to take it. The only winner in those deals is the UAW, which is taking billions in taxes to pad their landing. Nice to know that most of their retirees will spend their golden years watching Oprah at 80% of their pay, while the rest of us slave away to guarantee their comfort.

Guantanamo remains under the Bush Doctrine, even though Obama has promised to close it next year. His only problem to that promise is that Congress has refused to finance the closure and no other country or U.S. politician wants the scumbags in their back yard.

And finally, The Marlboro Man-in-Chief is on his second--and most likely not his last--globetrotting apology tour, where he is showcasing America as one of the world’s largest Muslim countries. Never mind that there wasn’t one Muslim here when Columbus landed, when we fought for independence, or when we provided religious freedom for all. You’re welcome.

But remember he promised tax cuts for 95% of us too and see how that’s shaping up. Please don’t let your heart be troubled, I am personally holding him to that promise.

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