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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Palin Invasion

Nothing can stir up the Liberals like Sarah Palin. I mean, she drops down to the lower 48 to support a charitable cause and the main stream media just goes nuts. They document every hair out of place, every shoe change and any slight is translated into a potential gaffe. She takes in a baseball game with Rudy and David Letterman makes a sick, perverted joke about her daughter. She goes to a fundraising dinner, where she doesn’t speak, and it is a major event, because she didn’t speak. Heaven knows what would have happened had she farted while reaching for the Onion Dip.

Then to back up the MSM’s News block, the afternoon political goobers ramp up the rhetoric. Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Rachael Maddow and the lesser hangers on, then spin this into a major political invasion by the moose skinning governor of Alaska. Nevermind that she has approval ratings higher than Bill O’Reilly (who has numbers higher than all these whining boobs combined). I mean these stooges are really out of their league.

Of course what we are seeing here is the run up to the 2010 and 2012 elections. The fear on the Left is palpable. They are oozing fear in the only way they can, by making fun of the most approved of politician in our nation….a republican with lipstick. So if you can spin that into logic, make my day.

I would submit that Sarah would be dissected and skewered if she were to read the Bill of Rights, the Lord’s Prayer or The Gettysburg Address. It is just what Liberals do. They react like a cornered rat in a crack house, when anything resembling common sense crosses their path. Sarah isn’t just the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, she’s a gorilla in high heals with approval ratings beyond anything dreamt of in the U.S. Congress. Yes, even higher than the Anointed One.

So while the Liberals bask in poking fun at the only person qualified to walk America out of the hole she is in, Sarah is grinning from ear to ear for the blatant overexposure by those too stupid to see that she is the leader of not only the lowest taxed state of the Union, but the only state to return money to its citizens every year.

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