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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Things We Don’t Hear

In the cacophony of today’s living, we have no shortage of machines, monitors, alarms and alarmists telling us what to do, how to do it and what we did wrong, when we did it. Amongst the carnival barkers blathering on about America’s stampede to the edge of oblivion are the politicians, pollsters, pundits and political analysts yammering endlessly about the woes and wantings of our society.

But in this din of noise, what we are NOT hearing is deafening.

On health care: We don’t hear a peep about the affects of trial lawyers on every aspect of costs from Band Aids to brain surgery. Medical malpractice has become a staple of the legal snakepit, to the point that television solicitation of clients has become a cottage industry. Additionally, waste, fraud and corruption has plagued Medicare, Medicaid and MediCal, but we don’t hear a peep about fighting IT, before asking for more.

On California’s budget woes: We hear an awful lot about cutting services and increasing taxes but not a peep about the spending that got us here: Unsustainable pay and benefit packages for public employees, carte blanche health insurance for illegal aliens, prisoners and welfare cases with self inflicted illnesses.

The State wonders why revenues are down but is silent on their shutting down access to natural resources (ie: timber, mining and oil) while driving manufacturing out of state with redundant regulations, abusive taxes and environmental restrictions.

Memo to Arnold: It’s starting to look like neither you or Barack get it. Both of you are buck naked before an electorate, who knows what you both are all about. But poor Obama can’t get his pants on with your lips vapor locked on his ass.

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