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Monday, June 29, 2009

So, What’s Next

Well, let’s review:

A. Obama hires a tax cheat to oversee the IRS.

B. Obama gets $790 billion bucks for “shovel ready” projects, then spends the first $40 billion extending unemployment payments, padding union contracts, hiring tens of thousands of government workers and giving hundreds of millions to ACORN.

C. Obama triples the Federal Deficit by increasing government payrolls, giving raises and bonuses to federal lackeys, and extending more unemployment benefits-- many to those who haven’t worked or even looked for work for years-- and shoring up failing State budgets.

D. Obama saves the auto industry, which is mostly bankrupt as a result of pay and benefit packages for the UAW, then let’s GM and Chrysler go thru “accommodating bankruptcies”, where bondholders, creditors and stockholders are kicked to the curb, but the UAW is handed $10 billion (of mostly non-union taxes) to shore up their $100 billion dollar pension fund (which hasn’t been audited since Grover Cleveland was president) and 30% of a the “new” GM and Chrysler, which they will continue to fly into the ground. But now, they will be subsidized until the cows come home.

E. Obama forces the sale of Hummer to the Chinese, because Hummer is a major cause of global warming and they consume just too much of the globes oil, but China isn’t part of the globe or global warming. Sends quite a message….NO?

F. And last but not least, China is our biggest creditor (that means they loan us money) because they got filthy rich providing us products made in sweat shops, by prison inmates or in factories billowing smog that floats around the world, while we have run off our industrial base because of smog, labor laws and hyper regulation. But it’s ok to borrow that dirty ole money from them…NO?

You try to make sense out of this. I give up.

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