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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hoping for Hope

It has always been the belief of the Dumbplumber that, “You have not lost, until you have lost hope”. Because, if you take away hope, what’s left? Now I don’t want to confuse you with the Hope and Change that der Leader has been spreading like fertilizer in Michelle‘s “miracle” garden. I’m talking about the inner hope of the individual.

Having said that, I honestly believe that hope in our future is sadly lacking with the leadership we have today in Washington, D.C., or for that matter, Sacramento. With them, we just hope they will either do nothing, or just go away.

It’s then not too hard to understand why Sarah Palin is such a draw to so many people. She has stripped away all the beltway B.S. and gotten down to brass tacks: Get government out of our businesses; get government off our doctor’s backs; get government out of our gas tanks, out of our bedrooms, out of our kitchens, out of our cars and out of our bathrooms.

In fact, there’s not a room in your home, your business or even your local brothel or beer hall that doesn’t have the stench of government in it somewhere. No wonder the masses have found a leader in Sarah Palin. She’s the closest thing we’ve had to hope in a very long time. No wonder the Left is scared shitless of her.

For instance, what would we do without someone to regulate, harass and otherwise control such evil enterprises as manicurists, plumbers and hot dog carts? I mean when was the last epidemic of plumbers attacking manicurists with bacon wrapped hot dogs? You didn’t, because government was there to stop them.

Moreover, if the idea of limiting government ever catches on, bureaucrats everywhere will be looking for work. And that’s a concept very chilling to those who have lived at the public trough for generations. And the notion of job applicants whose only qualifications are applying pain, misery and suffering to their “customers” is a very scary concept indeed.

Now that’s Hope and Change we can believe in.

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