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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stack’s Last Stand

It’s only been a day since a Texan flew his Cessna into an IRS office in Austin, and I’m already sick of the story. Sick because it has already been politicized and segmented into sound bites that are virtually unrecognizable from reality.

As the story goes in the MSM, he was angry at the IRS. Well folks, he was --by his own words--mad at a lot of people, including but not limited to George Bush, the Tea Party, Congress (for not passing Obamacare), Republicans, Libertarians and a host of other conservative people and organizations. And not to digress, but who isn’t mad at the IRS?

However, if you click on over to MSNBC or the Left Wing Blogs, you will be hand fed the notion that he was a disgruntled Right Wing Nut, with Tea Party affiliations and a compulsion to destroy Dick Cheney. Unfortunately, the IRS office was closer and easier to hit with a Cherokee.

No, the facts are clearly spelled out in his manifesto. He was an angry, hateful, clearly suicidal victim of the IRS, and more clearly, himself. Not unlike many of us, he was a casualty of an economy NOT necessarily of his own making. But the cold reality is, is that there are tens of thousands out there in the same boat as him, who will at some point consider, if not act, toward an outcome much like his.

People, the road Mr. Stack took was not built on anger or violence. It was his path of despair paved with the absence of hope. It was the concept of hope that kept him clinging to his illusions, long after the rest of us figured out the Ship of State, have abandon it, and are now drifting in our life boats.

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