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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evolve What?

It really started with a question about wolves, yes wolves. The question was, “If all dogs came from wolves, if left without man’s protection, would all dogs revert back to wolves“?

This train of thought stemmed from thinking about species. You often hear the Lefties wailing about the extinction of species, but seldom hear about all living things “evolving” from ponds of slime.

You heard plenty about the extinction of 95% of all species when the “half mile wide”(not created by man) asteroid slammed into the Caribbean 60 million years ago, but hardly a peep about the millions that survived. So just how did these species survived without man’s intervention? Moreover, where DID all the hundreds of thousands of additional species come from since? Anybody.. Anybody.. Beuler…Beuler?

I really find it hard to believe there are millions of types of pond slime. Creationism aside, I find it more unlikely that hundreds of thousands or millions of species of all living things could possibly come from one accidentally formed, single celled amoeba, zapped by random circumstances, on a warm August afternoon, somewhere near Tanzania. I mean, scientists can’t figure out that sun spots affect climate temperatures, so how in the hell can they explain such diversity of life, over millions of years, all over the planet, with nothing more than natural selection making the decisions. Geesh, I have an easier time believing that Shamwows will replace my paper towels.

Which brings me to the howling from Environmentalists about extinction of existing species. Seems to me Enviro-Nazis ought to explain how allegedly threatened species got here in the first place, before we deconstruct all of humanity accommodating a species whose origins are, themselves, ambiguous at best. Moreover, if Evolutionist are correct, we could remove all living things and just start over with pond slime. (Notice how I didn‘t say lawyer once). Then, in a couple hundred million years, they could start whining again.

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