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Friday, February 26, 2010

Who is Obama

There’s a lot of moderate Republicans and Independents that are bending over backwards trying to relate--read understand--the thinking of President Obama. After a year of campaigning and another year at the helm, some just can’t understand the man and what he’s trying to accomplish. Even Fox’s Bill O’Reilly has turned himself into a pretzel giving latitude for our leader’s painful and destructive executive style.

Let’s review: Obama admits his formative years were influenced by terrorists, communists and Left Wing zealots. His only private sector experience was practicing law for a multi-millionaire slum lord and an army of community organizers. He spent all of six months as a State Senator, (before he began running for President) where he voted “present” 90% of the time.

He ran for President on a platform of HOPE and CHANGE, but openly admitted he was for re-distribution of wealth. His first act as President was ordering the closing of GITMO and his second act was to borrow $826 billion from the Chinese and hand it over to unions, state employees and States to shore up their Medicaid liabilities. Since he has been in office, his every venture is to pay back political hacks, enrich union pensions, expand the role of unions in America, pad trial lawyers, a take over of the private sector and make Federal Government and its cost bigger and bigger.

In fact our president has done nothing to lower the cost--or size-- of government; nothing to lower the taxes, obstacles or anxiety confronting private sector businesses; nothing to wean the States off Federal dependency; nothing to calm the fears of non-union, non-government Americans; and most certainly nothing to garner the respect or admiration of those respecting the Constitution.

Call him a Socialist, Fascist or Obamanist, but you can’t call him a pro-Capitalist, smaller government, fiscally responsible, non-intrusive, fan of America and her values.

And his Harvard education not withstanding, hasn’t helped Bill O’Reilly see what is painfully clear to the rest of us.

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