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Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama’s Business Plan

Social Security, which was developed to provide a safety net for workers after their retirement, hardly resembles it’s original intent. It has been morphed, modified and mangled so that it has become a gargantuan agency unaccountable, uncontrollable and omnipresent to the extent that it now harbors well over $5 trillion in unfunded (and I would argue unfundable) obligations. Includes SSI…. Social Security’s ugly stepchild.

Medicare/Medicaid, Medicare, was created as a safety net for senior citizens with or without medical insurance, to ease the blow of medical costs in retirement.

It now provides basic medical services, under Medicaid, to include many who have spent a lifetime abusing their bodies with drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Them along with those who spent all their money on tattoos, gambling and body piercing now have Carte Blanche access to almost any procedure the rest of America has been paying insurance for their whole lives.

Medicare/Medicaid has over $34 trillion in unfunded obligations and it is growing at billions per month.

Federal Deficit : The Federal deficit is somewhere north of $14 trillion and now moving at warp speed. With the most recent fiscal year at only 3 months young, and Congress was already out of money and raising the debt ceiling another $1.9 trillion just to keep the lights on. Now in theory this should keep the heat on till the November elections, when either sanity prevails at the polls or (God Help Us all) the Democrats hold congress.

So now we are staring Obamacare right in the face. Two trillion just for starters and everyone knows any estimates by the Congress will be multiplied by 3.

Then it’s Katy bar the door, throw away the cork and fire up the Barby because there’s gonna be the biggest going away party you’ve ever seen

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