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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Economic Donkey

And so we are to wonder what the hell is going on with America. As I type, the Dow has just dipped below 10,000.…again. I cannot help but ponder just how we got here. Oh, I know, the Dow is just a handful of key corporations delegated as a bellwether of how things are and in some cases, how they are going to be.

The Dumbplumber likens our economy to a donkey, a very overloaded donkey. You see, right now we have a 300lb. donkey with an 800lb. pack. And therein lies the problem. Since the last Depression we have been heaping more and more of a burden upon our economic donkey until now we have overloaded him and he is not ‘gonna’ take it any more.

Our burdens are regulations, taxes, mandates, more regulations, fees, permits, oversight, more taxes and more regulation, into infinity and beyond. Add to that economic neighbors siphoning off our productive businesses, corporations and brainpower to enhance their economies at our expense. And who is to blame? Well, the mirror is a good place to look.

Yes my tree hugging, bicycle seat sniffing, solar panel packing, windmill hypnotized jackasses it is us. We have, under the guise of safety, safety nets, the environment and protecting the unions simply larded our little donkey with a load so outrageous that, if we stopped larding today, he wouldn’t move another step.

In fact, if he moves at all it will be down hill, backwards, just to get some of the heap off his back. You see, we are at the point of, no, past the point of no return. So until we see some of these oppressive regulations, usurious taxes and endless government interference, out of our lives, this donkey just isn’t going forward.

My suggestion for local crystal ball gazers is to look at another state’s economy, that’s booming, and do what they do. Take a look at Montana, North Dakota or even Indiana and ask yourself, why aren’t we like them.

So until that little nugget takes root, the Dumbplumber will wait quietly on the sidelines for the incandescent bulb to come on.

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