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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Party’s Over

Now let me get this straight. We have gone on a $2.5 trillion dollar stimulus spending spree, that only enriched 18% of the nation‘s public and private sector unions . But NOW, we are ALL going to feel the pain. So, tell me again just how that works? 82% of taxpaying America gets the bill for the party that only 18% went to. Yeah well, let’s just see how that plays in November.

We are telling less than one quarter of America that they can keep on keeping on, while the rest of us get to tighten our belts and pay for the band that we never got to listen to. Oh yeah, nothing quite like delivering the beer to the party, then never getting to blow the foam off a cold one, we get the privilege of hauling back the empty kegs.

Are you shitting me? WE ALL HAVE TO SUFFER because a handful of greedy bankers and corrupt politicians plundered the system, taking us to the brink of the abyss, then some other D.C. “Einsteins” said to hell with the bankruptcy laws and our Constitution, let the ‘little’ people pay, then drove this runaway train so far into the ditch that we will be decades clawing our way out. We all have to share the pain, My Ass.

But not to worry, our leaders will have us digging through the sofa cushions, under the car seats and in our laundry baskets for any loose change to keep those government jobs, union retirement plans and Air Force One fully funded. Nevermind that while the rest of America is being “shoe-horned” into Obama’s electric cars (thereby spending about one fifth of the rest of our lives waiting to charge batteries), the powers-that-be will be busy shuffling around their yachts, hiding their Escalades and “borrowing a friend’s Jet“, because things are getting tough out there.

Oh it may take a little longer, but even the dumbest among us will soon discover that this dog just won’t hunt.

Yessir, the Chickens are about to come home to roost. There are some that you can help, some you cannot help and some too stupid to help. Come November 2nd we will have an accounting of just how many are too stupid to help.

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