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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 12

I thought I could really get into the “birther” movement. I mean it would be so easy, the intrigue, the conspiracy, the overt effort to ignore the obvious. It would be a piece of cake to jump on this bandwagon, inasmuch as Obama, so far, has spent over $2 million keeping his “long form” birth certificate concealed. And this doesn’t even count his college records and papers.

But given Obama’s efforts to bankrupt and change the U.S. into his version of a Socialist Utopia, where, when and whose daddy was his is the least of my concerns. I don’t even care what his real name might have been, since Spanky and Buckwheat have already been taken.

Here’s another dose: Nothing quite like a roomful of seniors whacking away at a Tea Party politician for supporting Ryan’s deficit plan that cuts Medicare spending. Nevermind that Medicare’s budget of $510 billion dollars is infested with over $100 billion in fraud, waste and corruption. Apparently they don’t want to cut that either.

It’s all about the numbers: We are reminded daily that Sarah Palin’s approval ratings are dropping. But with Congressional approval and Obama’s “very much approval” both hovering at 19%, it makes Charlie Sheen’s approval at 29% a bonanza. So Sarah’s overall approval at 39% already rivals the President. And what is more revealing is that with Donald Trump’s recent rant on Obama’s birth certificate, his approval is higher than any of the those listed above.

Still Bashing Palin: In Liberal publishing there are two things you can always count on: First, Liberal reporters will always change their position to accommodate whatever a Progressive says. And Second: When they have exhausted high praise for every Democrat they can think of, they drag out a Republican for further evisceration. However, when it’s Sarah Palin, it’s more like a 2 month old road kill than anything resembling fresh meat. But not to worry, tomorrow is another chance-to-bash-Palin day.

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