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Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Pondering

So, while you get all giddy with Obama’s caring about the ‘little’ people, you might want to keep this in mind. Obama just appeared in Chicago at one of his many upcoming 2012 campaign fundraisers, which charged the diners $35,000 per plate. Now that is some dinner. Don’t you just wonder for a moment, how many ‘little’ people were out there gobbling down the rubber chicken?

Why don’t we try this on for a second and see how it fits. Obama has spent the past 2 ½ years shoveling out trillions of dollars to the service unions, the automobile unions, the construction unions and state employee unions. (Is there a pattern emerging here?) Now on a whim, you will pardon me if I speculate that the Community-Organizer-in-Chief is just going around picking up his vig. And this for all you folks that thought he was going to raise a billion dollars from secretaries, shoe shine boys and waitresses. (Oops, that was Hillary wasn’t it?)

Better he should have just one picnic with the heads of all the unions and charge them $100 million for the bag. Then they could drop all pretense of campaign funding legality and at least get a decent hot dog.

Something else to ponder: If Obama, Geithner, Harry Reid and all the rest of the, “you can’t cut anything” school continue scaring the be-Jesus out of old people, the poor and the infirmed, maybe someone should ask them if we could just cut the waste, the fraud and the corruption. How about that? Or would that cut too far into their campaign coffers?

No folks, we have a president, on track, to have borrowed more money in his first term of office than all the previous presidents put together. And for all his borrowing, spending and re-distributing, we haven’t weaned anyone off welfare, entitlements or the government gravy train.

And this man wants us to donate to his re-election. You just can’t put this anywhere on the Stupid Meter.

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