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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dumbplumber Shorts 8

Dumbplumber Shorts 8 An April 4, unspoken truth: Today President Obama announced on twitter that he was running for a second term. Now there are those who argue that he hasn’t finished crushing America yet, and needs more time. While others believe that he hasn’t finished paying off the unions, political hacks and entire states that helped him get elected the first time. In any event it HASN’T been announced that he repaired that inadvertent flaw whereby his website failed to block illegal donations, even from foreign countries with folks that have no consonants in their names or from cities you can’t find on any map. Dumbplumber says, “Let the corruption begin”. And on a related story: Has anyone else noticed that as America’s debt has gone vertical, so has Obama’s re-election cash? Looks like spreading around taxpayer money has its own rewards. A billion dollars is what you get when you hand out a trillion to your unions, state governments and international movers and shakers. It is also the unspoken truth that while both the debt and Obama campaign cash are inextricably connected, it is the American taxpayer that will be paying for both. Like anybody ever thought that Obama‘s campaign contributions came from someone‘s hard earned income. “Let the corruption continue”. A case for going Democrat: You know, when you think about it, maybe voting Democrat may be the shortest path to our salvation. Of course, like forest fires, alcoholism or bankruptcy, you can’t start over until you hit rock bottom. Since America doesn’t appear to want to listen to common sense and continue to vote-in politicians that can’t balance a checkbook, understand the word deficit, or even agree to cut waste, fraud and abuse out of the Federal Budget, maybe the sooner we declare insolvency, the better. However, we should all understand that finger pointing, placing blame and whining will not be constructive when foraging for nuts and berries and field dressing wild game. No one will care then, and I don’t care now.

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