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Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Time for Apologizing

Folks, Hell has frozen over. Rush Limbaugh apologized for a recent spate of unfortunate words and phrases that characterized a slut as well…..a slut.

Yes people, when someone goes to Capitol Hill to lay out their wish list of entitlements, you would expect, food, temporary shelter, clothing, critical healthcare and maybe some temporary cash to get by until another job develops.

But in my wildest dreams I never expected some self indulgent nymphomaniac demand that I pay for her birth control, while she crams (sorry for the poor form) for her Bar Exam, nevermind that birth control costs anywhere from $11 to $20 bucks per month and if you are indigent, it’s free. In legal speak it’s referred to as ‘pro bono’.  But in this case it appears to be pro boner or pro hummer. Long gone, apparently, are the days that a refined lady spoke of her sexual dalliances, much less than sit before a microphone and confess to millions her extraordinary libido exercises.

If Rush is guilty of anything is he kept his “slut” mantra going for a day or two longer than necessary. He should have instead called out all the other sluts and “Schleekmeisters” for their unfettered, unbridled romps in the feathers, then demanding that taxpayers subsidize their debauchery with unlimited birth control and STD remedies. God people, have you no shame?

So profound was the Liberal outrage, it set RINOs back on their heals. The calls for Rush’s head were so legion that hypocrite RINOs lined up to demand an apology. Then along comes Obama. Not one to fritter away an opportunity to NOT do his job, Barack telephones the aggrieved slut and extends his sincere (stop for gag reflex) apologies on Rush’s behalf. Yeah, like Rush needs Barack’s help.

On the other hand apologies from Obama are countless, except for the ones he should have made. Apologies to a Saudi King no. Apologies to Americans yes. Apologies to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, NO. Apologies to our military, our Patriots and our Economic Engine, Yes. And most of all apologies to the Tea Party (he called them tea baggers), most definitely.

We are so Screwed. Dumbplumber

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