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Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 election for Idiots

If you think the 2012 election is about saving America, You’re and Idiot.

If you don’t know the difference between winning an election and saving a country, You’re an Idiot.

If you think you can avoid a collision with an oncoming freight train doing 100 mph by going the other way at 50, You’re an Idiot.

Ergo, if you think you are going to save America by only going in the hole $500 billion a year instead of $1.6 trillion, You’re an Idiot.

If you are so naïve as to believe that lowering our unemployment to 4.5% will magically heal our festering pustule of an economy, You’re an Idiot.

If you are suffering under the illusion that China will continue to loan us money, without higher interest, and/or gold as collateral, You’re an Idiot.

If you think you can overcome Healthcare inflation (over 7%) without entitlement reform and tort reform, You’re an Idiot.

If you do not understand the crushing burden of $16 trillion in debt, You’re an Idiot.

If you believe in ‘moderate’ Islam and your neighbor believes in ‘moderate’ Progressives, You’re both Idiots.

If you sincerely think that we will sustain our lifestyles with the current field of candidates, over the next 8 years, You’re beyond an Idiot.

There’s not a viable candidate today, anywhere, that is addressing the glut of entitlement abuse, 20 years of oppressive regulation or the bloated, redundant government bureaucracies shackling our economy and freedoms.

We Are So Screwed Dumbplumber

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