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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whereda muny Go

There seems to be a universal ignorance virus coursing through the veins of Republicans, Independents and Libertarians, as to why Obama is blowing through so much money so fast. Well Pilgrims, I will speak very slowly so that those of you who are willfully stupid can understand. I can sum up this phenomena in two words….No Accountability. In other words you can describe it as skimming, a ‘taste’, the cut, the vig…etc., etc.

Let me explain. All the money is counted in Chicago…get it. No money gets counted in Chicago that Obama, the mob, his henchmen, the mob, the Mayor, the mob, the advertising agencies, the mob, the union bosses, the mob, the caterers, the mob, the cleaning companies, the mob, the laundry companies, the mob, office suppliers, the mob, the caterers, the mob, lawyers, the mob, the accountants are the mob. Get it?

I certainly don’t have the actual numbers and rest assured you never will, because there will never be an audit, there never will be an accounting, there will never be anything other than a very fat retirement account somewhere for all those above, paid for by the gullible Democrats that were stupid enough to give donations to a bunch of crooks and expect anything in return.

There, I hope that clears that up. You can now go back to listening to the other crap the media is talking about instead of how to fix this country.


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