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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More About Little

With the 20+ thousand acre “Reading” fire and now, just a few miles away, the 15,000 acre Ponderosa fire, not to mention a few other hundred plus acre lightening fires sprouting up like mushrooms, I couldn’t but help wonder what is man facing with all this extra Co2? By all accounts of enviromentalists, civilization will never be the same in the north state. Our glaciers are shrinking, crops are suffering, Co2 related illnesses are blossoming…..NO, um, er, well something is happening….somewhere.

Oh yeah, frothing mouth eco-Nazis are writing up a storm about the death- spiral fueled by Co2. Other than that, pretty much nothing else is happening. Crickets.

But the fallout from these fires is just beginning. Communities, near the fires are being devastated, resources are being squandered, firefighting helicopter companies are getting rich, rich and double rich and Network Televisions are getting their 15 second sound bites. All is good except for the poor schmucks who will have to live with the aftermath for decades.

However, you will not hear a peep from anyone about the amount of Co2 being released from these fires. No one is going to tell you that in one weekend of burning, these fires release more Co2 than all the local co-generation plants release in 10 years. Additionally, you won’t hear about the ash and smoke being pumped into the air. Co-Gens release only steam and small amounts of Co2, no smoke or ash, but you won’t hear about that either.

No sir, what you won’t hear about the fires and their aftermath will be dwarfed by the sensationalism, that is the Media sound bites of suffering and devastation. And next week’s headlines……more about very little.

We Are So Screwed. Dumbplumber

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