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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What I Learned Today

What I learned today:

I learned that Mitt and Paul want to make dramatic changes in taxes and entitlements, so that we only go in the hole $500 billion a year instead of $1.5 trillion like we are now.

I learned that Mr. Obama still wants to see Mitt’s taxes, even though he had all his records sealed the day after he took office in 2009. I also learned that Mr. Obama wants to talk about anything other than his record, his continued support of labor unions and their pensions (even thought he ignores non-union pensions) and his cozy relationship with the alphabet networks, while his self styled image crumbles.

What I didn’t learn today:

I didn’t learn how Governor Moonbeam plans to backfill his own trillion dollar California pension void.

I didn’t learn what anyone is going to do about the $15 trillion in unfunded pension liabilities, here in the U.S.

I didn’t learn what America and Europe is going to do with the $200 trillion in worthless investment paper they continue to trade with each other, as if it actually had value.

I haven’t learned why we still send foreign aid to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries even though they are still doing business with Iran and, in the case of Egypt, who is, as I type, crucifying Christians, simply because they are Christians.

And I haven’t learned when our Leaders are going to start talking to us like adults instead of treating us like a bunch of hormone crazed teenagers watching Jerry Springer or the Kardashians in their single wide trailer parks.

We are So Screwed

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