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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mitt's First Day

On Mitt Romney’s first day in office we’ll learn that gas prices have doubled since Bush left office. We’ll learn that all those windmill and solar fields are both a waste of time and money and that we are woefully short of electricity, since many of our coal fired power plants have been shut down.

We’ll learn that electric cars in general and the Chevy Volt in particular are, what we all knew they would be, a colossal waste of money. They are only good for commuting short distances, in good weather, with light loads on flat ground, when it’s neither hot or cold. Not a stellar recommendation for transforming our transportation industry or a good business decision by the union owned General Motors.

We will have learned that of all the trillions we went in the hole, none of it went to non-union, privately owned businesses that didn’t back the 44th president. But looking on the bright side, all the tens of thousands of regulations that were heaped on the private sector, most were directed at either small businesses or layered upon big business that could pass their punitive costs onto the consumer, will remain in effect.

We will have learned the Obamacare will be renamed something about as vague and disarming as the “Affordable Care Act” and be a financial pinata benefiting the ‘Havenots’ at the expense of the Haves.

We will have learned that all those that violated the Constitution, during the previous four years, are now ensconced in large law or consulting firms, milking the very government they once guided, secure in Executive Privilege or with Presidential Pardons for their previous sins and crimes, not to mention full healthcare and pension benefits intact.

We will learn that, with few exceptions, most of the bureaucracy and regulations grown in the last four years will remain and that there will be some variances, exceptions and waivers granted to those most egregiously affected, given the hiring of the aforementioned consultants to raise awareness among those Congressmen who oversaw the making of these burdens, in the first place, and who ran for re-election on promises of smaller government and personal responsibility.

You know, I just punched the keys, but this thing really wrote itself.

We are So Screwed, Dumbplumber

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