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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Global Warming Hoaxters

Again Dumbplumber has had to take the Searchlight editor to task over his zealous pursuit of Carbon Dioxide and its demise.  Posters were uniformly behind deniers of Global Warming as a Hoax.

Well then, maybe we should talk about things that are not part of a “Hoax”.

First, the number ONE greenhouse gas, indeed over 98% of our atmosphere, is….wait for it….water vapor. Yes my naïve, misinformed friends the biggest blanket around the globe is clouds, moisture, dew, steam, vapor trails, and for all you firebugs, humidity is water vapor. Go ahead, look it up.

Water vapor, the bane of climate alarmists everywhere. So much so that when this well known fact was introduced to climate crazies, they immediately began a movement to “tax” water vapor. That would be geysers, steam generators, jet planes, home canning systems, and yes, hydrogen powered cars, the darling of mouth breathing eco-Nazis everywhere.

Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, comprises less than one half of one percent of all greenhouse gases.

Two, while we’re all twitterpated about carbon dioxide, I might mention that our recent fires, from Weaverville to Mt. Lassen to Dunsmuir have released more Co2 in one month than Redding Electric Utility and all the other co-generators combined will release over the next 10 years.

Three, the eco-Movement we face now is not about Co2, but about taxes and regulation. Plain and simple.

And not to point out the obvious, but our climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Or put another way, it has never stopped changing, so who are we to think we can stop it. Clean it up maybe, but stop it changing, NO.

Oh by the way, you might ask historians what Great Britain thought about global cooling in the late 1600’s. It wasn’t pretty. Millions died from lack of food and exposure to cold.  A wake up call if you don't like it warm.


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