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Sunday, September 16, 2012

These Are the Days

Now don’tcha just love that ‘Green’ movement? Like when you enter your hotel room and find those cute little cards that ask, in the name of ‘conservation’, you turn off the lights and TV when you exit the room and “to save water” you hang your towels between showers, so that staff won’t have to launder them. Oh yeah, these are the days.

So it came as a surprise to wifey and I, that fate intervened, and we rented the exact same room at La Quinta Inn last Thursday night and discovered that the toilet that we complained about 3 months ago, was still cycling water every 5 to 7 minutes. It was, as we told staff then, very annoying to try and sleep with the water valve opening and closing at about the same time we were dozing off, not to mention a huge waste.

And I, as the ever outspoken Dumbplumber, was particularly outraged, because, as with many of my clients, they did not heed my earlier warnings of a failing flapper in the toilet (costing about $4) and then returning me to the scene of the crime, for another night of annoyance. So much so that at about 3 A.M. I turned off the water supply to the toilet, for a few hours of quality rest.

And this is where I determined that the “Green Movement” is just a bumper sticker, a sound bite and a label on a coffee mug. In reality, it is anything but a movement. You see, once you do the math, you realize just how stupid and a hysterical movement it is. For while they get great press for annoying the living crap out of us folks that like a single flush toilet, 100 watt light bulbs and real cars that you can buy parts for, from a catalog, when you start doing the math, they are just headlines and catch phrases, not anything near a green movement.

With pencil, paper and a $3 calculator, wifey and I determined that that one toilet was leaking a gallon about every 5 to 8 minutes or about 280 gallons a day or about 105,000 gallons per year. Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but if this one 100 room motel has just 10 weeping toilets, that is over 1 million gallons per year. Which you could easily multiply by at least 20% of the motels in Redding.

You do the math, my calculator won’t go that high. But beyond being an intergalactic waste of water, you could wash a hellofa lot of towels with that.

Then, adding injury to insult, the motels up-charge the room rates to compensate for their own negligence. Where’s the outrage?

No, while the rest of us rubes are being bombarded with “Conservation” initiatives, those idiots that are buying into it are looking the other way on the reality of living with ‘greenies‘. Of course you will never hear this one little tidbit of fact, but you will hear the cacophony of, and have to live with the ‘man-behind-the-curtain’ that is the Green Giant, for the rest of your days.

Because nothing says hypocrisy quite like the Limosine, Lear Jet Liberals telling the rest of us how to live.

We are so screwed. Dumbplumber



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