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Friday, October 05, 2007

Sherrif Arpaio Has It Right

Why is it that Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, is the only law enforcement official in the U.S. that “gets” it?

While the whining Liberals complain about prison overcrowding, the lack of job training, insufficient rehabilitation and denial of completion of sex change operations also crowds the list of grievances against the California prison system. Now I may be going out on a limb here, but none of these issues are likely to be resolved soon.
However, Sheriff Arpaio has addressed these complaints and resolved them long ago: “You don’t like it here, don’t come back”. So, why doesn’t California adopt some of these measures, to discourage incarceration?

You see there is only one reason someone is in prison in the first place. It isn’t because they are uneducated; an education is provided free in this country, at least through high school. It isn’t because there are no jobs; jobs are everywhere for those who are looking for one. It isn’t because you grew up in poverty, as many who have are very successful today.

The reason you are there is because you were never taught right from wrong when growing up and couldn’t figure out that “do unto others“, meant you as well. It may mean that you decided to take the path of least resistance, when met with the slightest obstacle or shady opportunity. It may be a sign that for whatever reason, genes or environment, you are a hopeless sociopath that needs locking up. California prisons have moved from being a penal institution to someplace to go between offenses. It’s not a rehab facility folks……it’s supposed to be a P-E-N-A-L-T-Y.
Society is fixated on the conditions within our prison system, while they don’t care a twit, why prisoners are there in the first place. Liberals have moved to ban almost all corporal punishment for children, actually making it a crime in many areas for spanking. Strangely enough counseling makes about as much sense to a 3 year old--with an “I am the center of the universe complex”-- as it does to a 30 year old with a history of bad choices and little

incentive to change them. Likewise, the Liberal remedies for boredom, irresponsibility and laziness are entitlements, endless counseling and gaming the system.

No, if you want to start to see a drop in inmate population, you need to start at home. We need to stop enabling “irresponsible parenting” with endless entitlements and government hand outs and start expecting them to face the consequences of their actions. We need to give these people a leg-up not a handout.
Joe Arpaio has it right. If you don’t like baloney sandwiches, pink underwear, working on a chain gangs, or serving your time in conditions comparable to our soldiers in Iraq, “don’t come here“. Arpaio might be the closest thing these folks get to a responsible parent and I suspect he commands far more respect and a lower recidivism rate than most other counties in the U.S.

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