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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hilliary Gets Her Cookies

Just when we thought that the funding scandal of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign was over, here comes the East Coast edition. She still hasn’t found the sources of several hundred thousand in questionable West Coast Asian contributions funneled through Norman Hsue, so now comes Act Deaux.

So blatantly are these practices ignored by the Main Stream Media, it begs the question: What would happen if paperboys, car washers and lawn mowers began bundling $1000 donations for the top Republican Candidate?

Meanwhile, Asian dishwashers, busboys and street hawkers are heaping $1000 and $2000 contributions on Hillary by the droves. I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of $25 and $50 donations, but I digress. And again, much to my surprise, the donors are either difficult to locate or confused as to why they donated, when located. Something about local “business associations” gathering and bundling these contributions. Never mind that these same “associations” usually confine themselves to providing labor with “hazy” documentation, “insurance policies” with premiums due,-in cash- weekly and enforcement of business infractions enforced with Louisville Sluggers.

No, what we have here folks is wholesale campaign finance fraud. This fraud is so shady and convoluted that unwinding the scam could take years, by which time offenders hopefully will be pardoned from the Clinton Oval Office. Hillary’s blanket avoidance of these fundraising issues speaks volumes about her management style and priorities of her potential administration.
These donors live in crowded hovels and apartments in areas of mystery where the highest profits come from Mahjong gambling, Opium, Sex Slaves and counterfeiting. And with suspicious millions coming at Hillary from these neighborhoods it gives a whole new meaning to “Fortune Cookie”.

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