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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Loonies Losing the Media

Morgan Stanley’s recent divestiture of their portfolio of New York Times stock suddenly made me ponder: Can a publicly traded company with outspoken Liberal policies survive without the support of Conservative stockholders? Could have Oz existed without Dorothy or Kansas?
Clearly the emergence of Fox News, in the cable news wars, is a reflection of the contempt viewers have for the Alphabet Networks and has dwarfed viewership of MSNBC, CNBC and CNN combined. Indeed Fox News now rivals CBS, the weakest link in the evening news slot.
To counteract this viewing dominance, CNN and MSNBC have launched Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson shows to attract more “Independent” viewers to the networks.

But the printed news is the favorite target of Cable News. Not an evening goes by that O’Reilly, Beck or Hannity doesn’t point out the outlandish bias of several major U.S. newspapers or Networks, naming them and their most recent offending columnist or anchor for ostracizing.
But is it fair? Oh yeah and it is selling soap like crazy. Viewership of these programs is skyrocketing at the expense of the more Liberal programs, whose prime format is bashing Bush, 24/7.

Perhaps the Morgan Stanley move is an indicator of things to come. If the Liberal oriented media doesn’t attract the Conservative businesses that advertise on their programs, or in their papers, why should we believe that their future will be sustained with Conservative shareholders.

On the other hand, is it possible to sustain your stock value when your only customers and shareholders are Looney Leftist Socialists? You might ask Howard Dean, who pulled the curtain back and exposed the Wizard, Mr. Soros. And as rich as he is, even he cannot afford all the strings holding up the stock values or the flying monkeys.

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