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Friday, October 05, 2007

Returning the Money....Hsu Thing.

Returning the money….

Ok, now we have all heard about the Norman Hsu contributions to the Democrats. How they were questionable, because Norman bundled tens of thousands of dollars from individuals-- who were people of modest means, clearly not able to throw that much money at a campaign--into hundreds of thousands. How he was a con man who swindled tens of millions from investors in Ponzi schemes. How the Liberal campaigns were returning the money, because they wanted to distance themselves from Norman.

Now wait-a-hold-it a minute. I was with you… right up till then.
Mr. Hsu has, or had, an address in New York City, even though he was a fugitive for the past 10 years. During these years he has been photographed with a number of prominent politicians, not the least of which was Hillary Clinton, who is surrounded by Secret Service agents 24/7. All, while he was a fugitive in flight?

Now that is speaking volumes about the Secret Service in particular and law enforcement in general. Nothing quite like hiding in plain sight hugging the former first Lady and shoving money down her cleavage like a drunken bride at her wedding party. But I digress.
The $800,000 Hillary’s camp claims they are RETURNING needs to be followed. IE: If I write you a check and you never cash it, the money remains in the bank, unredeemed. Or, if I write a few hundred checks to the bundled donors directly--and it wasn’t their money to begin with--they now have an IRS issue. Moreover, the Bundled donors receiving money actually bilked from people through Hsu’s Ponzi schemes perpetuates the tragedy and makes recovery almost impossible.

No, what is NOT being said and done here is far more important than, “we are returning the money”. I say: You “are returning the money”, prove it. I want to see the cancelled check(s). And, I want to know if it was their money in the first place. The complicated effort of “returning the money” has been seemingly swept under the carpet with a blasé press release designed to end the conversation.

Wouldn’t work for Conservatives, shouldn’t work for Liberals.

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