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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Maaco -Over Candidate

With Hillary’s well documented profane tirades on her staff, bodyguards, Secret Service agents and assorted underlings, she is far more suited to be a longshoreman or logger than President. She’s demonstrated unadulterated contempt for any and all, who’s job it is to make her life easier, but you wouldn’t know it by her spontaneous emotional explosions.

No wonder Bill seeks affection outside the marriage. I can’t imagine the criticism der Schleekmeister receives while attempting to engage in his husbandly duties with the former first lady. The rolodex of his past indiscretions must serenade the infrequent conjugal opportunities that most assuredly pass in the night.

But the “made over” candidate Clinton has little in common with the former First Lady. Paul Rubens resembles Pee Wee Herman far more than candidate Hillary does the past Mrs. Clinton. So, it is no surprise that the “new” Hillary is enjoying such a wave of popularity among her fan base-- those with short attention spans--who have heaped the adoring dollar upon her. They simply don’t have any idea who she really is, or what she is about.

Clearly we are faced with quite a character juxtaposition. Tens of thousands have heaped tens of millions upon an image created by the Madison Avenue “Maaco-ver Paint and Body“, while those who have been closest to her are documenting the outrageous behavior of a Cruella de Ville.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to decide whether to trust our future to someone who tucked away her blind ambition, festering contempt and outrageous behavior, to temporarily adopt the necessary temperament demanded of the Commander in Chief.

But if history is any indicator, voters will pick a leader who is more predictable and less a Jekyll and Hyde.

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