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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Observations on the Southern California Fires

Some observations about the So. Cal fires:
A) Million dollar homes are burning when there are home fire prevention apparatus that would have saved them, costing just a few thousand dollars.

B) How is it that many of the catastrophic losses were uninsured, when fire insurance is required on every mortgage? And how can you afford to pay your home off and not afford fire insurance?

C) How is it that these homeowners never conceived of their homes being in harm’s way, when they are living in the middle of the “Information Highway”?

D) How long will it be before someone mentions that this could have been avoided by reducing wild land fire fuels to make electricity, instead of a spontaneous tinderbox?

E) How am I to feel sorrow for some multi-millionaire eco-Nazi’s, who just lost one of their several homes, when they were the problem in the first place?

F) Could this be a buying opportunity for some of those nasty foreclosures?

G) You have got to wonder how much food, water and emergency supplies are being donated by that nasty, profit mongering Wal-Mart to those poor, devastated, displaced, eco-hippies, that are every bit as responsible for the eventual devastation as the guy who lit the match.

H) And finally, why is it that So-Cal residents are saving their dogs, cats and horses, while Katrina victims were saving their beer, vodka and cigarettes?

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