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Friday, December 26, 2008

As Your Stomach Turns

My what a difference a month makes in politics. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were losing in Iraq, gas prices were off the charts, both Hillary and Barack were raking in millions in illegal campaign contributions and ACORN was working out of Obama’s back pocket to fix an election, by paying for votes from people that didn’t know the difference between Justice Ginsberg and Judge Judy…..And didn’t care. Hey, even ignorant, drunk, worthless scumbags deserve the right to vote Left.

Well, here we are a little over a month later and Iraq has fallen off the PMS/NBC radar screen,. And thanks to that “thoughtful and courageous” Democrat controlled Congress we have brought gas AND the entire world economy down to about two steps above the basement door. And strangely, we haven’t heard a peep about tens or hundreds of millions in illegal contributions nor so much as a grunt about ACORN and their antics. Looks like those felonies just evaporate with victory… the campaign promises.

And in the shadow of the Inauguration, the “Hope and Change” guru has packed his house with Clintonistas, Chicago mob lackeys and a couple of Bush holdovers to keep the home fires burning. So much for the Change.

Meanwhile all the Usual Suspects, that set the stage for the biggest financial meltdown in history, are busy in their cushy little congressional offices trying to figure out a way to hang this entire fiasco on Bush and Co. even though the video tape says differently. So much for Hope.

There is more than a good chance that there will be far more effort in finding ways to screw the American Taxpayer out of some more of his jingle than any reasonable investigation as to why all the safeguards against fundraising fraud were REMOVED from Barack’s campaign website. One way to guarantee that was to make Herr Clinton’s asst. Attorney General the new AG and to make Frau Clinton, Secty of State. If this guy can take the stink off Whitewater and the Marc Rich pardon, he can surely bury the stench of this scandal.

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