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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama and Re-construction

Well, another cat is out of the bag. Obama is going to go on ANOTHER spending spree, rebuilding America. Yes folks, we are going to build or rebuild, schools, bridges, roads and any other thing some politician says needs building. And he is going to do it on top of all those other things he is going to do--at taxpayer expense--like healthcare for all, free college education and welfare for anyone who doesn’t want to work. What a guy.

But before the ink is dry on the runaway reconstruction, Mr. Obama needs a wake-up call.

Mr. Obama, this isn’t 1931. Then when government wanted to build something then, they just built it. But today, we have Environmental Impact Reports, Feasibility Studies, Native American sensitivity issues and Seismic Retrofit considerations. In fact, Mr. Obama, while you’re all busy envisioning armies of little people with hardhats leaning on shovels and taking coffee breaks, killing the clock till payday, you won’t see the go-ahead on any project during your first term.

In fact, the engineers, architects, environmental activists and union negotiators will have you tied up for years, in red tape that didn’t exist seventy years ago. That is if you ever get past the legions of lobbyists, who want you to start in their neck-of-the-woods first. Because any time you want to throw billions in taxpayer money at any project, you need to pay the “vig” first. Lawyers, union bosses and mid level bureaucrats all need to get greased before the first shovel of dirt is moved.

Mr. Obama, unless you plan on rewriting all those oppressive regulations, permits, directives and laws the governments have spent years imposing on the rest of us, I suspect your dreams of a massive public works program will remain a dream for both your terms. You will soon discover that unraveling bureaucratic boondoggles takes a lot longer than making them.

So, you are about to discover what the rest of us have known since we were old enough to understand what a politician was.

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