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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Rezko Storm

With all the recent bruhaha over Tony Rezko, Gov. Blagojevich and a scrum of Clinton-istas being appointed to fill Cabinet positions, Obama’s transition is looking more like a hockey game than anything resembling a seamless Presidential handoff. So, except for a couple of guys, appointed for Defense and a National Security Advisor, that will keep his butt from being blown off by some very pissed off terrorists, Barack is surrounding himself with the most influential, turncoats left over from the Clinton era and a handful of “Chicago Machine” lackeys, who know where most of the bodies are buried back home.

Tony Rezko’s recent conviction and pending sentencing is looking more like the third leg of a perfect storm, and does not bode well for the “Exalted One”, since Herr Rezko is looking to trade an 8 X 12 cell for a single wide in Iowa, under a different name. Remember, Rahm Immanuel traded places with U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald, as the “man in the middle“, once Rahm spent about 45 minutes, he would rather forget, on a “bugged” phone with Hot Rod Blagojevich, who was looking to trade up from the Governor’s Office.

Now, the only one talking is the Messiah. He is all busy making like he is going to save the world with some hold-over-has-beens and a handful of pay-to-play mob jockeys from the Windy City. In the meantime, his “plumbers” and damage control people are in the background teeth gnashing, finger pointing and leak plugging, as to make Richard Nixon roll over in his grave. And hey, the guy isn’t even President yet !!!

And in the sweetest of ironies, those who are asking the most questions, NOT being answered by the “Openness” and “Transparency” President-elect, are the Liberal Media. It just makes the warm and tinglys run up and down your leg to witness Liberals eat one of their own…..whole.

Right about now “The One” probably isn’t looking to be “one” on a cross, but a cave with a large boulder, for a door, is looking pretty damn good.

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