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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Writing for the Choir

Friends and Net acquaintances often ask me why I don’t write more. I tell them that I am overwhelmed with so much material, I don’t know where to start. I only write when I am inspired, when I am most offended, when someone--usually a Liberal-- picks my scab. And since November 4, my scab gets picked a lot. I am starting to look more like a pomegranate pizza than a pissed off Conservative.

For instance, when I select what I think is the most outlandish event of the day, by mid-day it is not just old news, but dwarfed by 5 other events ready for the book of Idiot’s World Records. You get that when Congress and the pres-Elect are Liberals and the Lame Duck Republican leader is spending his last days pardoning career criminals and others NOT his friends or relatives.

I am most astounded when answers to today’s most pressing problems are coming fourth like water off Niagara Falls from Senator Obama, while the brain trust, that is our present Administration, remains apoplectic in the face of the Liberal tsunami to come. Of course, all of “The One’s” profound and prophetic answers involve cash….lots of cash. Nevermind that he will steamroll America with an avalanche of new taxes, fees, duties, tariffs and enhancements to pay for it. Damn It, it will be done.

For starters, he WON’T raise taxes on the wealthy or the oil companies like he promised, to get elected. That promise alone made the Left, far Left and the Left so far left they had swam out beyond the buoys, so warm and fuzzy that they were wetting down their legs. The slackers, entitlement gamers, deadbeats and professionally unemployed just shivered in anticipation of their “cost of living” increases that would provide the extra cash for a couple of new flat screens and a better quality of Pot. For them, on Nov. 5 the party was on.

For the rest of us, it appears to be more a peek at Armageddon than anything resembling a way out of the fire. There are things you can change and many you can’t, but changing a Liberal is like pulling your own teeth without Novocain.

So, for the time being, I will just scribe about the things that amuse me. That way I won’t spend too much time cleaning and reloading.
The Dumbplumber

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