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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Car Czar

So now, the Big 3 are going to get another $15 billion as an emergency bridge loan. I say another because they were already promised $12 billion to retool to build “Green” cars that nobody will buy and now another $15 billion to keep them afloat until they accomplish that. HOOOKKAAYYY!!

And to keep a watchful eye on the greenbacks, which will disappear like Rosie O’Donnell on Primetime, will be a new Car Czar.

Well, I take exception to that position. Czar’s usually are quite effective. You know, they murder, maim and plunder to get whatever they want done. And historically, they have been very effective….until they are undone.

Political Czars, on the other hand….not so much.

Let’s review. In the 70’s, we created, a Czar of sorts, the Secretary of Energy. That’s because we were threatened by a Saudi oil embargo that brought us to our knees. We suddenly realized that our security was jeopardized by control of foreign oil. Voila, the Dept. of Energy, complete with a Secretary--aka Czar--to secure our energy independence.

Well, that was over 30 years and hundreds of billions ago, when we imported 25 percent of our oil. Today we import almost 70% and Energy has an annual budget of $60 billion per year. Great jobs require great budgets.

So what of our Drug Czar. He was mandated with stopping the flow of drugs into the U.S. from abroad and the south. And by 2003 the budget was over $20 billion a year, while more drugs than ever were flowing at ever increasing cost, due to the inconvenience of interdiction. Again, being a Czar is a learning curve.

So now, we are going to have a Car Czar shoved down our wallet pocket, like having the Environmentalists, Unions and Dept. of Transportation wasn’t enough of an impediment to running a successful auto company.

Well people, buckle up. You are about to take a ride like you have never been on before. Get ready for the resurrection of the Pinto, Yugo, and every other car you NEVER wanted to own.

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