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Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama: Carnival Barker in Chief

While everyone is all busy gnashing and whining about the 170 million bucks shoveled around to a couple hundred AIG execs, there is nary a whimper about the additional 2 or 3 trillion Obama and Company have committed, and are about to commit, to a new electric grid, universal healthcare, boosting union membership and the duplicitous funding of thousands of earmarks and programs, on top of the Porkulus Bill.

Nevermind that Obama has spent more of our money, in his first 50 days, than Bush spent on two Wars and Katrina. Nevermind that Obama is spending money right now, that no one alive today, on this planet, will ever see paid off. And never mind that he did all of this with the support of the same people that just spent 5 years condemning Bush for bankrupting America.

What each and every one of us should realize is that this deluge of debt has happened in less than two months of Obama’s first term. Which leaves about 46 months for Obama and the Congress to figure out how to screw us out of trillions more dollars to start paying for it. Perhaps you have heard of “creative financing”. Well, what has happened in the past won’t hold a candle to what is about to come down on us. But not to worry. There will always be a “bogyman” crisis to keep our attention focused elsewhere while they not so subtly shaking us down.

You won’t see or hear any MSM stories on the systematic pocket picking of Americans, but you WILL see the daily drumbeat of “manufactured” crisis designed specifically to distract us from coming revenue enhancing policies. Believe me it will have us plundering our piggy banks, scavenging under the sofa cushions and scrounging burger change from our auto dash trays, for years to come.

What we are witnessing now is the biggest most expensive side show in history. However Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and yes, Obama himself, will provide us the comic relief. Not unlike when one of the occupants cuts a stinky one in the clown car. If we weren‘t in the car, it would be a lot more funny.

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