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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obamacide, 95% Bullcrap

It seems that every day, Obama throws a handful of bull puckey against the wall, then talks up everything that doesn’t move. However, what he isn’t talking about are his campaign promises, and the wholesale breaking thereof. And what he talks about least are his “revenue enhancements“.

So, while he and his Kool Aid drinking little bobble headed minions maintain that 95% of Americans “will receive a tax break”(think income), what he doesn’t say is that he is all about raising taxes, tolls and tariffs on all Americans across the board. But you won’t hear about this on the MSM.

This isn’t unlike the pre-Prop 13 California politicians who, on one election cycle, would promise that property taxes would not be raised, then watched with mock surprise when property assessments would skyrocket. Then in the alternate election cycle promise that assessments would not increase while witnessing tax increases. Technically correct, but morally reprehensible.

What is different today is Obama enjoys an over-52% approval rating, which translates into, “over half of America is still brain dead and would follow him over a cliff if he were wearing a clown suit with his hair on fire“.

Whether it is duties, tariffs, or taxes on phone calls, tires, gas, deaths or perks, they’re all going up. And with the nation in a tailspin, States are taking the same cue and raising sales taxes, fishing/hunting licenses, auto licenses and every permit they issue. Everybody will pay more, a lot more, under Obama. But you will not hear this in the MSM either. They are too busy listening to the daily ejection of White House excrement to actually look into what is being done to us, quietly and behind the scenes.

And if anybody is suffering under the illusion that this draconian, opportunistic, systematic pocket picking by bureaucrats and politicians will NOT result in a taxpayer backlash, they are either sadly ignorant or one of the 52%, in a dead run, to follow him over the cliff.

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