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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Looking for a Bigger Brother

So Mr. Obama should have been told, “Careful what you wish for. You might just get it”. You see, it’s one thing to be a community organizer, but it’s quite another to be President.

As a community organizer, it is your job to get money, permits and permission from someone else higher up on the food chain, for the benefit of your community. Even as a State senator and later a U.S. senator it is your job to get “things” for your constituents from Big Brother. But now, you are Big Brother, so who are you gonna get things from?

Well, that’s the “Careful what you wish for” part. Because the White House will accommodate both the brilliant leader and the bungling dung heap. It will be the people that decide which is which. (Think Jimmy Carter)

So now that the Community Organizer is getting his ham sandwiches made 24\7 downstairs, who does he think will provide all the cash it’s gonna take to pay for his trillion dollar campaign promises. Well, that chicken is about to come home to roost. With roughly 10 trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting for our runaway government to settle down and another 19 trillion setting offshore awaiting some sane tax policies, I have little hope we will see any of it anytime soon.

No folks, The Community-Organizer-in-Chief has bitten off a lot more than he can finance, without a major revolt of those he depends on…the producers. You see that while every politician talks about lowering or halting tax increases, in the spirit of Ronald Reagan, to bring us out of this recession, not one of these overpaid dirt bags will confess that we are subject to hundreds of more types of taxes, levies and duties today than when Reagan was president. So everyone needs to stop tooting that horn.

My take: the Barterers and Amish will be kings before Barack Obama is respected as President.

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