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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wally World Wonder

News Flash: Walmart is making record profits in a down market. While their competitors suffer, Walmart is banking billions in cold cash.

Well really, that’s not news. What’s news is HOW they are making record profits, while being harassed by unions, bombarded by Congress and belittled by elitist snobs.

Walmart parking lots are crammed with BMWs, KIAs, the occasional Prius’ and Chevy pickups with “Buy American” stickers on their bumpers. There is literally no end to the hypocrites shopping at Walmart today. And while there is nothing new about the elites, union lackeys and eco-Nazi’s shopping at Walmart, what’s new is that there is now a tsunami of these folks passing the greeters, they have mocked for years, to pick up bargains.

Folks, while his competitors ignored and ridiculed his business model, Sam Walton quietly went about his business of building an empire with a simple plan, buy in volume, buy the best, pay cash and pass the discount on to the customer. This blueprint has created the world’s biggest business, therefore the world’s biggest target.

So the next time you are cruising around Wally World dodging the scooter jockeys, the center isle cart parkers and the scrums of illegal’s moving about like the South Park kids, you might look for those gals in Prada, guys in Carhart and the occasional hemp wearing Earth Groovers. And when you find one, tap them on the shoulder and tell them that the union friendly, whole earth, elitist snob store is over at the mall and they’re needing your support. Wally World will get along just fine without you, thank you very much.

Bad enough that we endure the packed parking lot, the masses clogging the isles and lines waiting for checkout. The stench of the hyena hypocrites is more than I can take.

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