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Monday, March 09, 2009


A) You whined and gnashed about Bush spending our grandchildren’s money, but you didn’t say a word when Obama spent more on a Stimulus Package in his first 30 days, than Bush did over the past 7 years on two Wars and Katrina. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal?

B) You spent the past 8 years complaining about secrecy and private conversations between Bush and his advisors, staff and intelligence organizations. But you haven’t said a word about Obama refusing to release his original birth certificate, his Harvard Thesis or his college records. You also think that Obama has emerged from the most politically corrupt swamp in America, as clean and pure as a newborn’s butt. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

C) You witnessed Bill Clinton fire his entire 50 plus U.S. Attorney staff and didn’t utter a word, then screamed to high heaven when George Bush fired 9 U.S. Attorneys. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

D) You are quick to label this the “Bush Recession“, but you can’t wait for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to pull us out of this mess, even though they were responsible for the financial fiasco that got us here in the first place. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

E) You continue to assert that Bush stole the 2000 election, but can’t bring yourself to question why, Obama would disable safeguards in his campaign website that would allow tens or hundreds of millions in illegal contributions--many from overseas-- to sneak through. Or that for a bus ride, a pack of cigarettes and a cold beer, Obama received votes from folks that didn’t know who Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were. But they knew that Sarah Palin was the moose killing Governor of Alaska, mother of a pregnant teen age daughter and the wife of an oil field worker, who had the audacity to think that she was more qualified to run for office than the former Community Organizer, who had spent more time campaigning than he did as being a U.S. Senator.
Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

F) You disagreed with George Bush’s policy positions, but you are not a racist. Were you called a racist? Your answer will reveal if you are a Conservative or Liberal.

G) In the middle of a recession, you think it is a good idea to fly a 747 with an entourage of hundreds, at a cost of tens of millions to Denver, Colorado, to sign a piece of paper, that you could have signed in the Oval Office for free. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

H) The Commander in Chief, must dedicate time in an inordinate amount of his speeches blaming his predecessor for his problems, then fully expect his target audience to believe he is just a victim of circumstance. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

I) You believe that flying the aforementioned 747, from D.C., in the middle of the aforementioned recession, at the cost of the aforementioned millions, with your family on board, to have dinner in Chicago and play some hoops with your basketball loving buds, is not an unreasonable extravagance. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

J) You believe that silencing the criticism of our current President is necessary, while you spent 8 years cheering the overt and outright condemnation, castigation and damnation of the previous one. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

K) You just spent several years comparing Bush to Hitler, but think that Obama’s new “Civilian National Security Force” will be a great addition to our horizon. Of course we wouldn’t want to call them “Brown Shirts”, so how about Café Latte Mocha Carmel Shirts. Are you a Conservative or Liberal?

If you haven’t figured this out, you are most likely a Liberal and a hopelessly unrepentant, unsalvageable, incorrigible Liberal at that. Thank God that you are receiving an unending entitlement from those that still believe in a day’s work for a day’s pay, or are the sole survivor to your rich uncle’s estate. An estate, by the way, that is worth a whole lot less today than it was in November 2008.

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