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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama's Demise

Now there’s a lot of conversation going on about Republicans or Conservatives that want to see Obama dead. Of course that’s blasphemous,, twisted, perverted and categorically untrue. A true Conservative does not want to see Obama dead. They want to see him suffer immeasurable pain, then what he does to himself is His business.

Personally, I want to see the Big Zero curled up, in the fetal position, on the front porch of the Half-White Outhouse, sucking his thumb and drooling Tapioca, with Joe Biden close by in a rocker humming bars to “If I only had a brain”. This scene wouldn’t be complete without Harry Reid wandering about in Barney Frank’s black bra and fishnet stockings, while David Axelrod dry humps Rahm Immanuel’s leg, who is being swatted by the Bad Witch, Nancy Pelosi, who is looking for her ruby slippers.

Of course the Congressional Black Caucus is in the background, belting out Judy Garland’s Over the Rainbow, while Steny Hoyer and Chris Dodd are dancing down the Yellow Brick Road calling for Ted Kennedy, the whining, cowardly Lion.

Call this exercise sick, kinky and outrageous, you know like our leadership today. Ladies and gentlemen, not unlike Elvis and The Lollipop Guild, common sense and patriotic duty have left the building and they are unlikely to return any time soon.

So wishing the president dead is an exercise in futility. Look at what’s next, Joe Biden!--then Nancy Pelosi! For Christ’s sake, there’s an insurance policy you will never see in the private sector. And all it’s cost us is our future. There are no saviors in the pile of Steaming Feces that is our U.S. Congress, not one.

No folks, what we have are two parties that have, since Franklin Roosevelt, systematically sold the soul and future of America to the lowest of denominators, political expediency. You see the goal of the Steaming Pile was never our peace, welfare and security, but theirs. And given the accepted policy of mutual political destruction that Washington subscribes to these days, there may be only one Wizard out there. But she isn‘t foolish enough to lift her Cammo skirt to reveal the Ruby Slippers.

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