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Monday, August 24, 2009

Whistling Past the Graveyard

So, all the business gurus are chiming in on the end of the recession and how good times are just around the corner. Yeah right!

Let’s review. Liberals, Environmentalists, Congressional Nutbags and Labor Unions have spent decades heaping regulations, taxes, administrative hurdles and punitive pay and benefit packages on America’s business community. To the extent that all it took was a little bump in the road to derail the U.S. economy, sending the world economy into a tailspin.

Banks were taken over. Major retailers closed. Manufacturers that survived either went overseas or were downsized here. And those that remain face an explosion of higher fees, higher energy costs and more regulation. But somewhere in this pile of road apples must be a pony, because all the business talking heads are buying into ponypoop.

Enter the Dumbplumber. Time to pull the plug on this rosy scenario. With Obama poised to foist a mandatory healthcare plan, knee-cap and tax to increase energy costs and dangling the “Porkulus” billions at potential union recruits, there is little “Hope” that things are going to “Change” for the better any time soon. In fact, as the crystal ball gazers at Wall and Broad see more and more resistance to Zippy’s busy schedule, the market reacts positively.

Don’t believe it? Just see what happens when one of these socialist policies actually passes Congress. The market will drop faster than Monica did to her knees in the Oval Office. But take heart.

If the Democrats use the “nuclear” option on Obamacare, Knee Cap and Tax or Cardcheck, they will pay and pay dearly come November 2010. You see, America has awaken to the doubletalking, backstabbing weasels that are dismantling our country. In fact, I firmly believe many if not all, Democrats--and some Repubs--who have sign on to the socialist agenda will be via condios come the midterms.

As per Michael Steele: “use the nuclear option at your peril“.

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