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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woah Nellie!

Hold on Nellie
Ok, time for a reality check. El Presidente promised during the campaign that “there would be, no increase in ANY taxes for those making less than $250k per year”. What he didn’t tell us was he was lying through his teeth when he said it. Of course he didn’t tell us that he was going to surround himself with confessed criminals, pretentious bigots and avowed socialists either, not to mention also-rans from “Dancing with the Stars.

Because after hocking our great, great, great grandchildren’s future with the Porkulus Bill, hundreds of billions to bailout banks that got us here in the first place, many more billions to bailout the auto industry, then another $6.5 billion to shore up the UAW pension fund--but not another penny for any other pension fund-- then more billions to aid the auto industry with “Cash for Clunkers”, not to mention $700 million to shore up a bank in New Zealand. Jesus, can’t you spend enough here?

And now with Obamacare and “Knee-Cap and Tax” simmering on the front burner to knock the props from under the “Job Engine” of America (small business), the Lawn Jockey-in-Chief has told his overpaid minions to get out there and pitch the idea of tax increases to pay off the deficit. Whoa Nellie, did I hear all this right. Obama goes on a spending binge unparalleled in history, then decides that he needs TO PAY DOWN THE DEFICIT! No shit Sherlock.

Hey Barack, here’s an idea. Unwind all your obscene giveaway programs; get Government and the Taxman off Business’s back; tell malpractice attorneys that their ‘gravy train’ has left the tracks; bring on nuclear power; and drill as if your life depends upon it. And as Chief Law Enforcement Officer, you should arrest Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for treason; deny any more Botox and support bras for Nancy Pelosi--gravity will do the rest. And last but not least, inform Congress that the party is over. If you don’t get out your VETO pen and start using it soon, someone is going to do to your head what the Great Gallagher does to his watermelons.

Listen you insufferable stooge. Your curtain has been pulled back. You have been exposed for the aspiring socialist that you are. Get out while the getting is good, OR suffer the inevitable consequences

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