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Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama Land Health Care for the Deluded

Now don’tcha just hate it when someone says you’re lying? I bet Obama hates it too, but you can’t tell it by the way he keeps on doing it.

For instance, Obama looks right into the camera and at the crowds and tells us that, “If you want to keep your private insurance you can”. What he doesn’t say is that under a Single Payer Plan--where the Government controls your insurance--private insurance companies will go the way of the dinosaurs, leaving the Gov’ment as the masses only healthcare source.

Now this isn’t brain surgery folks. If the government offers a lower priced plan, employers everywhere will opt out for that plan, because it will be reflected on their bottom lines. Duh. So, if there are no other plans as a result of nationwide insurance company bankruptcies, well I guess you will just have to buy into Obamacare. See, that isn’t so hard to understand, is it?

The irony is, is that all those Liberal mouthpieces spouting the Obamacare TODAY will eventually be schlepped over from their Cadillac plans TOMORROW and will be waiting in line with the rest of us schmucks for doctors appointments. Not a well thought out strategy, especially if you happen to be a 60 year old Liberal that needs new knees or hips.

The first Zippy-in-chief also says you get to keep your own doctor. Okaaaaay. Well if your doctor is used to the good life in the heavy six or seven figure income bracket, he might just open a new office in the Caymans or Belize, where he can cater to his other six and seven income patients in a Medical Tourism practice. Or he may open a Consierge Practice, where he accepts only cash, then haul it to a Cayman bank to keep the government’s greedy paws off it.

No matter what, the rich are NOT going to stand in line with the rest of us. They are going to go about their business, not because of the government, but in spite of it. And the Dumbplumber predicts that there will be an epidemic of “cash and creative banking” programs sprouting up across America. Welcome to Obama Land.

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