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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Palin Punching

I have just about had it with the bashing of Sarah Palin. Here is a gal that thought she was doing a patriotic thing by helping John McCain run for President. Boy, was that a bad call. She no more than stepped off the chartered jet in Canton, Ohio and the Palin meat grinder went into action.

But it wasn’t bad enough that Liberals were in full bashing mode, the Conservatives had their own. Perhaps it was the sweat dripping fear that she was about to put some more Republicans in jail. This time in Washington D.C.. No fear. No reservations. No kidding. The Democrats haven’t cornered the market on graft, corruption and fraud. Not yet at least.

But since the election, the Palin hate mill has been put into overdrive. And not just by the Liberals. The elite Republican good-ole-boys club has no use for a slash and burn, reform minded, clean up the hill and drain the swamp political reformist. Remember, this is all about business as usual.

And the sweet irony is that the Republican begging-for-cash machine is all in high gear to profit from the Palin passionate Conservative base. When they call, every other word is “conservative” and stop the Liberals. And they fully embrace the words Sarah Palin.

And I can’t say enough about those that contend that Sarah isn’t qualified to be President. Like hey, she knows how many letters are in j-o-b-s and it ain’t three. She knows that Justice Stevens swore Joe Biden into office, not Justice Stewart. She knows that web sites are made up of words not numbers. And she knows that Roosevelt went on Radio, not television, after the Stock Market crash of 1929 to calm America. And the sweet irony is, is that if Sarah Palin had said all of these things, she would be featured on the nightly news, every night, leading the daily news. Nevermind the comedy shows and late night meat grinders hammering home her gaffes.

No folks, the double standard is alive and well in Washington, New York and Los Angeles. And no matter how you slice it, they don’t want to even think of President Sarah Palin. However, it doesn’t seem they mind President Joe Biden or President Nancy Pelosi. As leaders of the free world.

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