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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stop the Madness Train

The Dumbplumber has to stop this train for a moment. Time for some perspective, sober analysis and correction of the record.

First of all, disagreeing with the president is not “racist”. Questioning the First Lady’s attire is not “sexist”. And protesting against Madam Pelosi, Senior Reid or Vice Dummy Biden is not “un-American“. And people who show up to disagree with Congress are not “terrorists”, no matter what Liberals say.

How I know this is that when I disagree with the President, it’s because he is a community organizer and not a leader. Aside from nominating Sotomayor to the high court, he hasn’t done anything to lead since taking office. World tours apologizing for America’s greatness is not leading. Bailing out Citibank, the UAW and ACORN is not leading. And most of all, spending money that we don’t have is NOT leading, it is buying votes.

When someone says that the First Lady’s ass is big, it’s a fact, not sexist. She has a hottentot butt and an Attilla the Hun attitude. Get over it. Her choice of clothing looks more like she’s going to a square dance or yard sale in the Castro District or Hollywood than representing the U.S. to the rest of the world. And with a personal entourage costing taxpayers over a million bucks a year, you would think someone would be on the payroll that would tell her, her ass is two ax handles wide.

I know that I’m not un-American because Senora Pelosi said so, in 2003. It has been only since her head on collision with what’s left of common sense and self preservation that she has discovered the “un-Americans”.

As for Congressional leaders claiming that “terrorists” are attending town halls and tea parties, just wait until they use the “nuclear option” to put America into the new stone age. THEN they will be terrorists.

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